It’s All Good

We feel quality matters, especially when helping you along your wellness journey. Our standards are high. From seed to bottle - we measure quality at every juncture.

Harvested for Health

You know that feeling of watching the sun rise and set - just living in the moment? We aim to bottle that feeling. Our full spectrum hemp oil helps you live a little better & brighter, all in a day’s drop.


Farm Grown Flavor

As farmers, we know a thing or two about quality ingredients. There’s nothing like picking up some fresh herbs and produce from the farmers market - until now. We want your experience with cannabinoids to be a step above results, although we deliver those too. That’s why we’ve paid good attention to sourcing natural, robust flavors that elevate your wellness experience.

Explore the Range

Our selections include Full Spectrum CBD and CBG Tinctures made with MCT Oil for both humans and pets. Our human tinctures come in a variety of all-natural flavors - peppermint, orange blossom, berry compote, lemon, and unflavored. Our pet tinctures are available in bacon and chicken, crafted with human grade ingredients for those with a savory palette.


Rolling Acre CBD Tinctures Bacon for Pets and Peppermint for People