Our Guide to CBD and CBG

  • The Importance of CBD Lab Results (Certificate of Analysis)

    When you buy Rolling Acre CBD and CBG tinctures, how can you know that you’re getting a safe product?
  • How CBD Oil is Made

    Ever wonder how CBD Oil is made?
  • Types of CBD Products

    You’re curious about what CBD and CBG products might work for you. You’ve been flooded with information from webpages, salespeople, and the CBD “aficionados” among your friends. We’re here to tell you there’s no need to be overwhelmed by the world of CBD and CBG products.

  • Common Concerns About CBD

    Still have concerns about taking CBD oil? As chemists and hemp farmers, we hear questions about CBD daily. We address the most common concerns about taking CBD oil.
  • The Importance of your CBD Source

    In the hemp, cannabis and CBD world, there’s nothing more important than your source. You want local hemp grown by a caring hand, and naturally made CBD free of contaminants.
  • Can CBD Improve your Workout?

    CBD is making its way into just about everything in recent years—beauty products, recipes, stress-relief practices and more. But what workout and sports nutrition benefits are there to CBD? As it turns out, there are quite a lot!
  • CBG Expert Guide for Hemp Beginners

    CBG is the Mother Cannabinoid. And, some would say, the other cannabinoid. But that doesn’t mean CBG products can’t give you benefits that live up to (and, depending on what you’re looking for, surpass) the benefits you get from CBD.

  • Ultimate CBD Products Buyers Guide [Buy CBD 2021]

    You’re here, so you are probably interested in trying out CBD (for any number of reasons). But there are a few things you should know before you buy (and before you try). With all that you’ve got to worry about these days, sleepless nights and anxious days aren’t worth your time. But investing in something that could help you deal with them, is.