CBD Beauty Benefits

You’ve braved the internet wilds in your search for the roles that CBD can play in your life. Without any doubt, you’ve likely come across no shortage of CBD skincare and beauty products.

So, what’s the whole story about CBD in a beauty regimen?

With the research still being in its early stages, many competing voices remain, but everything we’re seeing so far is very promising!

CBD in Skincare Products

The wide world of CBD-infused skincare products offers plenty of choices. There are relaxation facemasks. You can also opt for lotions and oils to apply topically. Some of these promote a clean and clear face while others are designed to be full-body skin treatments.

But the big question is, with a seemingly infinite number of options for skincare already available, why go to the trouble of creating CBD-infused products?

Like we said, the research is still young, but the CBD skincare buzzword is anti-inflammatory.

Skincare Benefits

Seen in several lab and animal studies, researchers concluded that CBD lowered inflammation and even held the potential as a possible treatment for psoriasis.

These properties in CBD oils and creams show promise in helping your skin recover from skin issues such as acne and rosacea or anything else that causes red, puffy skin.

On top of this, like all CBD products, they’ll have the same local relaxation effect that any CBD topical will offer.

CBD for Anti-Aging

CBD is also a powerful anti-aging antioxidant. Antioxidants strengthen cell membranes in the body by neutralizing free radicals that can damage your body’s cells.

This can reinforce collagen and general skin elasticity reducing wrinkles and keeping the skin looking young and healthy.

CBD in other Cosmetics

CBD is also making its way into other cosmetics. High quality lip balms and glosses have hit the market in recent years offering to keep your lips full, moisturized, and healthy. There are even cannabis-themed palettes for your eye shadow needs now.

Choosing the Right CBD Beauty Products for You

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own unique skin. You are the ultimate advocate for your own health and wellness. Here are just a few pointers as you consider CBD beauty products.

Also, as always, you should consult a dermatologist when making decisions about your skin.

It’s important to know that your CBD products come from a reputable source, so we recommend that you make sure all your CBD beauty products are third-party lab tested and come from hemp grown on pesticide-free farms like ours.

Rolling Acre Full Spectrum CBD

You can find some of the top CBD beauty products here and here.

Taking care of yourself and looking more beautiful while using a product that lowers stress and promotes relaxation? It hardly gets better than that!

Have you used CBD as a part of your beauty regimen? We’d love to hear more about your experiences by leaving a comment or reaching out to us on social media!