The MCT craze: What it is, potential benefits, and the connection to CBD products

Your health-nut friend may have mentioned MCT oil in your last zoom chat, but what exactly is this miracle supplement and why should you be interested in using MCT oil?

You may already consume MCT oil though…

Do you like milk and butter?

Or are you into coconut oil and goat cheese?

How about yogurt?

If yes, well, then go ahead and tell your friend you are enjoy plenty of MCT oil in your diet already!

What exactly is MCT Oil?

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) is a type of fatty acid found in foods like coconuts, palm plants and some dairy products.

MCT oils are more easily digested, travel faster through the body, and convert more quickly into energy than other fats. With a shorter fatty acid chain than other common fats (AKA: long-chain triglycerides) found in nuts, olives, and avocados, MCT oils absorb into the body with efficient ease and release from the body before the fat can be stored on your thighs or beer-belly.

Because MCT oil metabolizes quickly and provides almost instant fuel for cells within the body, many potential health benefits have been discovered. As research continues, many people (like your health-nut friend) are spreading the word about the many uses of MCT oil, making it an attractive addition to your daily regimen.

Check out the growing list of MCT oil benefits below!

MCT Oil Benefits

MCT oil boasts powerful potential perks with a surging fan-base.

Supporters of the product range from ketogenic dieters to gastrointestinal scientists and from CBD distributors to Alzheimer’s or epilepsy patients. With such a widespread audience, MCT oil could increase energy, fight obesity, relieve symptoms and advance overall wellness for many people.

1. Great Source of Energy

  • Due to ease of transport through cells, MCT absorbs into the body faster than LCTs
  • MCT moves straight from the gut to the liver, with no need for bile to break it down
  • Bypassing the liver allows the body to use MCTs instantly as fuel
  • MCT can convert into ketones, becoming direct brain cell food

2. Weight loss through Metabolism, Hormones, and Ketogenic diets

  • Less stored fat due to quick absorption and digestion (metabolization) of MCT
  • Curbs cravings by increasing hormones that make you feel full
  • Balances good bacteria in gut lining (think--every yogurt commercial, EVER!)
  • Low carb diets like Paleo and Keto allow the body to convert fat to fuel (ketones)           

3. Manage specific diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Chron’s

  • Epilepsy: The use of MCT oil with a ketogenic diet could help reduce seizures
  • Alzheimer’s: Brain fuel is important. The brain and memory may benefit from ketosis (using ketones for energy vs. glucose), which occurs with MCT oil
  • Chron’s and other tummy issues: MCT oil is not the new Pepto, but due to the rapid pace of absorption in the body, it may be helpful for chronic digestive issues like Crohn’s, celiac, IBS, cystic fibrosis and pancreatitis.

4. Other Health Claims

  • Antifungal and antiviral properties in MCT oil may fight yeast and bacterial growth
  • Consuming MCT could help reduce risk factors for heart disease including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and inflammation
  • MCT reduced bad cholesterol and improved good cholesterol in a 2009 study
  • Diabetics could manage blood sugar levels with MCT oil (2007 study)
  • As a common carrier oil for CBD, MCT oil helps the body absorb CBD with less effort and may prove to be a superior storing agent than other carrier oils

You may also have a hippie-granola friend who talked about MCT oil… (now that you mention it, yes!)

MCT oil

Why is MCT oil used as a carrier oil for CBD? 

The growing hemp industry and CBD products can also benefit from using MCT as a carrier oil for CBD. Carrier oils help preserve, dilute, and transfer the potent CBD molecules to deliver proper doses. Also, CBD dissolves in fat (not water), so for the body to properly absorb the CBD it must have a companion oil to guide the CBD in the body.

Several common CBD carrier oils include:

  1. MCT oil
  2. Hemp seed Oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Avocado oil

If you are already taking CBD oil, why not enjoy the added benefits MCT oil can offer?

Benefits of using MCT oil as a CBD carrier oil

  1. Absorption – MCT oil moves rapidly through the body and may hold more terpenes than other carrier oils
  2. Solvency Providing the highest ratio of CBD per dose, MCT oil packs more CBD into each punch
  3. Dosing – Liquids are easier to measure for correct doses and MCT isn’t as thick as other carrier oils
  4. Flavor MCT oil is nearly flavorless, so the taste of your CBD won’t suck or taste like olives
  5. Less risk for allergies Other carrier oils, like avocado oil, are more likely to cause allergic reactions than MCT oil
  6. Added health benefits Look at the list of MCT oil benefits above and you will see a wide range of reasons to make sure your CBD oil uses MCT oil as a carrier. From aiding metabolism and providing energy for your workout to supporting brain function and easing digestive issues, MCT oil is the clear winner for CBD carrier oils.

Things to consider for MCT oil

With so much hype around MCT oil, some people are rushing online to order a dose.

But wait!

Research matters.

Both individual research and scientific research are key factors to exploring the vast potential benefits of adding MCT oil to a daily routine.

Although the scientific research supports many benefits from MCT oils, further research is needed to strengthen these powerful (and sometimes life-changing) claims.

First, you must decide what form of MCT is right for you:

Do you want to continue consuming MCT from dairy products and coconut oil?


Do you prefer adding an MCT oil as a supplement to your diet?


Do you want to try CBD carried by MCT oil for an elevated dose?


The answer may (and should) vary depending on your specific goals and health.

Don’t forget to ask your doctor before making any large dietary changes too!

Before blindly choosing an MCT oil product, you should also consider researching the brand for safe business practices and specific ingredients, especially for manufactured MCT oil supplements.

Did you know? Although MCT oil is found naturally in coconut, palm, and dairy products, MCT oil supplements are largely man-made by extracting and combining only the MCT parts of coconut and palm oils, thus providing a purely potent dose of MCT in each drop.

If CBD oil is also a part of your daily routine, depending on the CBD company, you may already be taking a form of MCT oil supplements and enjoying the radical benefits listed above. If your CBD brand isn’t using MCT oil as a carrier then you are missing out and should consider switching to a CBD business like Rolling Acre for a brighter routine!