What You Need to Know about CBD and Your Pets

Your pets mean the world to you. They can be a source of comfort, a friend, and often they can be the brightest part of your day.

It makes sense that you want to take care of them.

It’s also no surprise that many have turned to CBD as a way to handle everything from anxiety to seizures in their pets. Many others still have concerns if CBD is safe for the furry—or feathered or scaled—members of their family.

So what’s the verdict on how CBD works with animals?

CBD for Animals - The Science

The truth is that there is very little research on how different species specifically react to CBD. The best information we have comes from two important places.

The Endocannabinoid System in Animals

The first is that—with the exception of insects—all animals have what’s called an endocannabinoid system or ECS for short. This is the system that allows the body to receive the benefits of cannabis consumption.

If you’re looking to understand more, we have another post about cannabinoid receptors and their role in the ECS.

Since nearly all animals have this system, many have wondered if they can enjoy some of the same medicinal benefits of CBD that we do.

Pet Owners’ Experiences

The second place where we can look for information is the experiences of pet owners who have already tried giving their animals CBD.

Maura Judkis of The Washington Post writes the experiences of dog-owner, Sarah Wilson, giving her dog CBD oil as a treatment for her pet’s anxiety.

According to Judkis, Wilson’s dog, Nefertiti, is a completely new dog with CBD!

And this isn’t the only story like this. Pet owners everywhere have started using CBD oils for their pets with similar success.

Talk to your pet parent friends to hear about their experience with CBD!

CBD for Pets Possible Uses

Although the research is still coming out, CBD can likely help your pets in the same way it can help you.

Many have used CBD oils to lower inflammation in their dog’s aging joints—a huge problem for large-breed dogs.

As we mentioned before, CBD oils may lower your pet’s anxiety. If you have a cat that doesn’t do well when company comes by, try giving them a drop or two of a chicken-flavored CBD tincture before your guests arrive.

There’s even some early research suggesting that CBD can be used to reduce the number seizures experienced by dogs with epilepsy.

And since nearly all animals have an ECS, these benefits could be seen not only in your dogs and cats, but also any pet from parakeets to palominos—yes, birds and horses have cannabinoid receptors too!

Pet CBD Oil Dosage

This is where it gets ever so slightly more complicated. Since the FDA has not approved CBD oils for pets, there aren’t any standard dosing schedules for animals.

Despite whatever suggestions you hear however, more than anything, we recommend that you start your pets off with a low dose and slowly increase the amount as needed.

And of course, consult your veterinarian before making any health decisions for your furry loved ones!

Rolling Acre CBD for Pets

So Should I Start Giving my Pet CBD?

Many people have seen their pets become happier and calmer after giving them CBD, but only you and your vet can decide what’s right for the animals in your life.

And if you do decide to, we hope Rolling Acre CBD can help make you and your pet’s day a little brighter!

Have you given your pets a CBD product in the past? We’d love to hear about your experiences! Write us a message!

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