Which CBD Oil is Right for You?

CBD is just one of a whole host of cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. These chemicals have a similar structure to endocannabinoids, a chemical found in our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate essential bodily functions. When we ingest CBD oil, it stimulates our ECS and aids its regulation. For the best results, the oil should be as pure and value-packed as possible. So how do you know which CBD oil is the most beneficial to you?

Not All CBD Oils Are Made Equal

With so many CBD products on the market, what distinguishes a high-quality CBD oil from the rest of the pack? Well, as any knowledgeable cannabinoid farmer will know, it all comes down to three key qualities: natural farming practices, full-spectrum products and third-party testing.

All Natural

Growing healthy, potent hemp plants takes hard work and dedication. It may be tempting for hemp farmers to use harsh chemicals and unnatural processes as a short-cut to a thriving crop. However, plants absorb these chemicals, which ultimately show up in the final CBD product. To avoid any of these unwanted chemicals ending up in our body, the reputable cannabinoid farms will do everything they can to avoid these practices. At Rolling Acre, we opt for organic end-to-end farming to grow all-natural cannabis plants—and by extension—all-natural CBD and other cannabinoid products.


You may have heard of CBD offered as full-spectrum or isolate. While CBD isolate contains only the CBD molecule itself, full-spectrum CBD oil contains the cannabinoid, plus other elements of the hemp plant including essential vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and more. Think of full-spectrum CBD oil like broccoli. When eaten raw, it has all kinds of vitamins, minerals and fiber. But as soon as you cook broccoli down, you lose half of that value in the process. Much the same, full-spectrum CBD oil contains more beneficial elements than its isolate cousin.

Third-Party Testing

After the product is made, how do we know if it’s any good? Well, we could test it ourselves, but no respectable farmer wants there to be any doubt over the integrity of the product. So to eliminate the possibility of bias, Rolling Acre sends its product to a third-party testing site where it’s checked for cannabinoid profiles, terpene profiles and heavy metals. Only after passing this inspection is the product then put on the market.

So Which Product Should I Use?

Now that you understand what goes into a high-quality CBD oil, you know what qualities to look for—all-natural, full-spectrum and third-party tested. At Rolling Acre, you never have to worry about missing out on these elements. Browse our current stock of products[link to product page] to get started on your journey to brighter, better living.