CBD Oil Dosing Guide

As the science shows, CBD has a plethora of benefits.

But how much should you take to feel those benefits?

Well, the science is clear on that, too.

It’s different for everyone.

But there are several points you should consider when figuring out how much CBD to take at any given time.

“Start Low, Go Slow”

Deciding the amount of CBD to take can be a challenge. It makes sense to see what the professionals in the field of cannabis are saying.

Those prescribing medical marijuana, for example, prioritize the “start low and go slow” strategy for using cannabis.

Start with a low dose of CBD oil and slowly increase that amount in following doses until you experience the optimal benefits for you. 

You can also see some more specific recommended dosage amounts below.

Trusted CBD Brands

Trusted CBD Brands

Trusted CBD brands won’t tell you a recommended dose.

If they do, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Be wary of CBD brands that make broad sweeping claims, recommend a certain dosage (they’re trying to get you to take more), and don’t offer third-party testing.

How many mg of CBD should you take?

The optimal way to take CBD is to let the tincture drops sit all cozy under the tongue for 30-60 seconds.

Start with a small dosage after consulting with a doctor. This probably means starting with 20-40 milligrams per day.

After that, if you are ready to increase the dosage, you can do it in increments of 5, for example.

We recommend writing down and recording the amounts you took and the effects you felt.

Take notes of positive benefits and negative side effects, adjusting your dosage accordingly.

Remember that CBD effects vary from person to person, and just because a certain dosage works for your significant other doesn’t mean it works for you.

Your journey into CBD is a good time to learn more about your body and how it functions.

Be cognizant and mindful of how the cannabinoids are affecting you.

You may just start your wellness journey in the process.

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