How CBD Oil is Made

It all starts with a few seeds. Our hemp babies are planted in a greenhouse and nursed to seedlings just before spring hits.

Once the plants are big enough to take outside, the Rolling Acre team takes them and plants them outdoors in our farm grounds. From there, we water our fledgling hemp plants until late summer or early fall, when they reach full-size.

In the fall, the hemp is harvested and hung to dry. The final step before CBD extraction is hemp bucking, where we pick the dry flower off the plant by hand and grind the dry flower and leaves down into a biomass, which is ready for extraction.

Hemp biomass is the ground combination of leaves and flowers that is ready to turn into CBD/CBG oil and tincture.

But our three-step filtration and extraction process is what gives our product an edge over the rest.

Our fearless leader, Rich, took a break from running the farm to give us the run-down on how CBD and CBG oils and tinctures are made–from seed, to plant, to oil, to tincture.

Here’s how we filter and extract CBD and CBG, preparing the two wunder-cannabinoids to hit the shelves (online and in your local markets) as a holistic option for fighting all kinds of normal human problems, like inadequate sleep, pain, anxiety, and stress.

Here’s our founder and head chemist/scientist, Rich Roush, on how CBD and CBG oil is made.

CBD Oil Extraction Methods

CBD and CBG are basically extracted the same way, with minor differences in how we extract CBG (the first cannabinoid).

CBG requires a bit more filtering because of its higher wax content–it’s filtered a second time to ensure all of the wax is filtered.

Our extraction process is unique because of our three-step filtering process. This makes our product as clean and pure as possible.

To extract CBD and CBG, we use ethanol, both cold and warm (depending on the stage).

A lot of people give ethanol a bad wrap without knowing how clean and sustainable it really is. First, ethanol is clean, toxic free, and doesn’t emit any environmental pollutants. You can either extract cannabinoids with ethanol or CO2–except CO2 extraction requires ethanol, too.

Our extraction system at Rolling Acre gives us the ability to recycle our ethanol without wasting any materials.

How We Make the Purest CBD and CBG Tinctures

Rolling Acre’s three-step standard operating procedure for extraction and filtration is what truly makes our product unique and head and shoulders above the rest of the CBD industry.

Here’s a quick rundown on the three steps:

1. Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation is converting CBDa and CBGa to CBD and CBG using heat. Basically, to release cannabinoids for consumption, you’ve got to decarboxylate (we love that word).

First comes the heat, next comes the cold.

2. Winterization

Think of this as super cold ethanol extraction. Like -50 to -70 degrees Celsius, super cold.

Winterization uses super cold temperatures and ethanol to filter excess wax and any other plant materials. So, see? Ethanol has an undeserved bad wrap while actually being a sustainable, clean energy that is easily recyclable and highly effective in the filtration process.

If the argument is that CO2 is solvent free, then it’s not, if winterization is used. And if winterization isn’t used, then you’re risking not filtering all of the excess wax and other materials.

3. Further filtering and testing

After we filter it again, we have our crude CBD oil. Our CBD crude oil is so clean that it crystallizes overnight. Since our oils are 60-70% CBD, the cannabinoids form physical crystals when left to sit.

Most manufacturers make CBD oil that is 50-55% CBD. Ours is over 60%, and free of pollutants like pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins because we filter it multiple times, through different temperatures and methods.

Three-stage filtering ensures a clear colored oil that smells and tastes fantastic, with high percentages of both CBD and CBG.

Our filtration process sets us apart and ensures a product that is way above the industry standard.

Growing Hemp by Hand

Now, I have 20 years of farming experience.

But I found a true passion in the last two years of growing hemp.

First, there’s our farming accomplishments. We’ve ensured a compliant crop and created a superior yield-bearing plant for the region. In layman’s terms, that means our plants produce more flower (and cannabinoids) than just about any other in Pennsylvania.

That’s a testament to the quality and capabilities of our farming.

Then, as a chemist, establishing the standard operating procedure as we developed and modified methods to fit our desired end product goals was so rewarding. The time, thought, and care involved in our extraction and filtration process gives our product an edge. I’d put ours up against anybody’s.

From farming to chemistry to understanding plant biology and extraction procedures, I had to know my stuff as well as possible, and put so much care and effort into this product because I believe this with all my heart and mind:

Cannabinoids will change the world forever.

This country needs less dependence on pharmaceuticals, and more relief through holistic methods found in nature. I, and we at Rolling Acre, know & believe hemp is one of the solutions.

CBD Oil Dosage

First, making your own CBD oil at home can be dangerous and unreliable. It’s not as easy as it seems, folks. In fact, it’s pretty hard. Take it from me.

Dosage is for you to decide. Our tinctures always contain <0.3% THC. We third-party test all of our products, which ensures that you know how much you’re getting.

Since our products are high in CBD and CBG percentages, you shouldn’t have to worry about taking extra drops of tincture to feel the effects.

Let your body tell you what it needs.

Rolling Acre Farm was established to produce vegetables for the local market.

But with the availability of hemp licensing, we became not only a hemp farm, but a producer of a high-quality line of CBD/CBG products for both local and national markets.

And we’re darn proud of that.

I, and the whole team at Rolling Acre, want nothing more than for you to believe in this product as much as we do, because we know what it can do for people. We’ve seen it and heard it with our own eyes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out through our Facebook page. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, and would love to hear your success stories.

All the best,

Rich Roush

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